KungFu Podcasts

A Podcast dedicated to bringing a voice to Practical Chinese Martial Arts.

Sharing the Culture, Adventure and Impact of Martial Arts

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Tai Chi and KungFu Center

This is our Chinese Martial Arts and Tai Chi and QiGong School in Raleigh, NC.  We take a traditional and practical approach to our training.

"We Practice KungFu To Be A Better Person First, and A Better Martial Artist Second.”

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Simple Meditation Program

Meditation is a core component of coping, creativity, good health and martial arts.  The  Simple Meditation Programs is built around the Free 11 Day Meditation Challenge

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Podcast : Finding the Path Through KungFu

This is the podcast dedicated to our KungFu Family. The format is more personal, and Q&A. Often times a mic worn during a class, or out on a walk.  This was the podcast that started it all.

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Martial Arts Profession

I wanted to be supportive to folks that wanted to startup their own business.  With my experiences in starting and running outpatient clinical facilities, fitness facilities and my own Martial Arts School, I felt I had something to offer.

Get Your Message Out

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TW. Smith Collections : Upcoming

After podcasting, I began studying how to tell stories. This developed into opportunities to record audiobooks and more.  This website is underdevelopment, but when it is ready,

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The business that started it all.  I had been working in the Health and Fitness Industry for years.  Regional management over several fitness facilities and clinical management for several Outpatient Medical Clinics.  I decided to take my management and computer coding skills out to physician and trainers, who could use professional support.

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