Tim Smith is a respected voice in the field of martial arts.  He has specialized in Chinese Martial Arts with an emphasis on objective applications in styles such as :

  • Hop Gar
  • Choy Li Fut
  • Yi Chuan
  • Hsing Yi
  • BaGua Zhang
  • TaiJi Chuan
  • Several Styles of Mental and Emotional Development through Meditation

His experience in using flow drills, pad drills and variations of push hands allow practitioners to develop skills regardless of style or system and apply the skills directly to their chosen style.  The short forms and drill sets are used by black belts teachers, law enforcement officers, doormen and civilian martial artist of various systems.

Sharing the impact that training in martial arts has on any individual or community is a topic that Tim covers regularly on his internationally popular podcast,  How can martial arts help bring a community together, a school together, or help one person shape a new idenity for themselves? This is a topic that many listeners find important.

Tim teaches self-protection that is objective oriented for any group. This distinction that regardless of whether you are a civilian, military, law enforcement or para-military, your training should clearly define:

  • Your Objective
  • Your Strategy
  • Available Techniques Identified in your system

How to Organize a Seminar with Tim

The objective is to provide a seminar that is simple, educational, entertaining and beneficial to you. Whether your group is small or large, your seminar should be fun and rewarding.  You will receive assistance in promoting through social media, newsletters, and directly on podcasts.

Seminar Fees flex to represent travel and time spent. The objective is to make sure receive an excellent workshop on topic, that your circle of influence in the martial arts community is broadened, and that you it is financially beneficial. All of these factors are part of the success formula in organizing a seminar.

Potential Seminar Topics

If you listen to Tim Smith’s podcasts, you may hear a topic that you want him to share with your group, or you would like for him to research and deliver, customized for your group, for example, “Shaping Your Idenity through Aikido", or Kung Fu, or Karate.  

Transforming Long Technique into Short Techniques

Overlapping HopGar, Tibetan White Crane and Lama Pai

Practical Applications of TaiJi Chuan

Plucking the Essences of BaGua Zhang

HopGar Long Techniques with Footwork and Timing

HopGar Short Techniques with Footwork and Timing

Objective Oriented Martial Arts (Any Style)

Choy Li Fut Fundament Techniques and Training

Hand to Hand Combative Choy Li Fut Short Forms

The Differences of Yi Chuan and Hsing Yi

Practical Applications of any the styles Tim teaches

How Does Meditation Act as the Glue for your Martial Arts Training?

Chinese Martial Art Joint Locking

Creating Power in Close Combat

Generating Leg Power in Your Martial Arts

Agility Drills for Your Martial Arts

Progressive Sparring Patterns

Push Hands Basic Skills

Push Hands Combative Development

Push Hands Application

Push Hands Free Form

Set Up Your Seminar

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